Friday, 26 October 2012

No.10 Downing Street reviews Old London Underground Company correspondence.

The Old London Underground Company receives a letter from No.10 Downing Street as they review our correspondence for the Legacy project designed to capture the spirit of the 2012 Olympics.

The project to open London's 'Ghost' Stations.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

BBC asks for story on London's 'Ghost' Stations

The BBC has asked for the story on The Old London Underground Company.
The trials and tribulations so far and 'who' is involved in assisting the project progress through the next steps needed to bring this fantastic commercial venture for London to market.

watch this space.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

A big thank you to Caroline Pidgeon for Q:2848 in 'London Assembly' meeting.

A big thank you to Caroline Pidgeon for tabling our question to the 'London Assembly' yesterday.

John Biggs contacts Mayors Office to assist with 'Ghost' Station project blockages.

A big thank you to John Biggs for his assistance during the 'London Assembly' meeting yesterday and his approach the next morning directly to Isabel Dedring  ( Deputy Mayor for Transport) at the Mayors Office to find out 'What the Blockages are to London's  'Ghost' Station Project.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

LBC's Nick Ferrari asks Boris Johnson what the delay is to London's 'Ghost' Station project.

Nick Ferrari asks Boris Johnson what the delay is to London's 'Ghost' Station project.  

Caroline Pidgeon asks Mayor of London to outline the blockages that are preventing 'Ghost' Station Project from proceeding.

Caroline Pidgeon, The Chair of the Transport Committee for the London Assembly, tables the question to the Mayors team on the 17th of October 2012, 
'' Please outline the the blockages that are preventing this venture from proceeding''.

'Ghost' Station project asks 'Where is Banksy when London needs him'.

We wonder where Banksy is as STIK comes on board London's ' Ghost' Station project designed to capture the Olympic Spirit and deliver revenue to our Tourism Economy.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Under Secretary of State for Transport Visits 'Ghost' Station to see project value for himself.

Under Secretary of State for Transport visits 'Ghost' Station and emerges to say
''I do see value in exploiting the derelict tube stations''.

John Redwood supports The Old London Underground Company's objective.

Hard hitting Campaigner John Redwood says
'I agree with your business proposal - I am happy to support the general idea.'

The Old London Underground Company asks for Prime Minister to sign petition for London 'Ghost' Station Project

Letter sent asking our Prime Minister to sign the petition for London's 'Ghost' Stations to be made into value for the country by the Old London Underground Company.

TFL Corporate Affairs Director David Mcneill arranges 66 MP's visit to Ghost Station

66 MP's, from Margaret Hodges and Malcolm Rifkind to Erin Harvey (Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Chief Secretary to the Treasury) await the invitation from David Mcneill (TFL Corporate affairs Director) to visit Down Street Ghost Sta
tion site.

David Mcneill - ''We are contacting the politicians in your list in order of priority according to normal convention. We will be in touch with you once dates have been agreed''.

Monday, 8 October 2012

London 'Ghost Station' Project heads to Parliament

The London 'Ghost Station' Project is being held up by red tape (which is always a few select individuals). We have started this petition on the Government website which means that Parliament will discuss the project and assist with the red tape removal.

The site takes a few minutes with the hardest part being
that you have to check your email and verify.
May I ask that if you love the project... you fill it out.

Many Thanks,