Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Industry Specialist Opinion Leads The Way - Christian Wolmar


Britain's leading transport commentator, Christian Wolmar, gives his opinion on The Old London Underground Company.


The Old London Underground Company appears in an article by The Urban Times

''Visiting an old bookshop not far from Westminster, a picture caught Chambers’ eye. It showed a map of the London Underground, hanging on the wall in such a way that it revealed a glimpse of another picture beneath it. Moving closer to investigate, he saw on the reverse a map of old London, with original tube routes marked on – and it was this realisation of the discrepancy between old and new, with its implications for the abandoned stations along the way, that sowed the seeds from which the idea was to germinate.''


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Early Day Motion filed in Parliament

The EDM states:

"That this House congratulates the Old London Underground Company on its efforts in opening up London's ghost stations and deep level shelters to the public as a viable enterprise following HM Treasury's Wider Markets Initiative; recognises that the Old London Underground Company requests assistance from Transport for London to include international press in the site visit forhon. Members and Lords to visit a ghost station site; and supports Ajit Chambers with the next stage of this exciting opportunity for outside investment in the leisure and tourism sector."