Wednesday, 30 November 2011

37 ways to rescue the economy, by Britain's brightest brains

Ajit Chambers - Quote number 31

''Employ a more efficient network of government advisors''

Our extended quotation is here:

The Answer to the banking sector issue starts with a strategy that shows the public that our government is getting fiscal policies right. My personal feeling through the experience of building a company that is about to show David Cameron 200 million pounds of investment in London is best put in a question directly to David:

''Are your advisors advising you correctly in a time of difference? Are they securing projects that make revenue or position our market for our future?''

"If your advisors are not working differently in this financial environment
.....retrain or replace.’’

Bureaucracy is an excuse used by some business leaders:

are currently going through a classic example with the Ministry of Defence and assisting their Deputy Head of Projects to make use of Brompton Road under the HM Treasury’s 1998 Wider Markets Initiative (WMI) in order to help the MoD create revenue from their assets to fund more resources to our troops in war zones rather than wait many years until the defence review is completed.

With the project to open the portfolio of disused space under London, we request that our politicians take an active and rapid interest. I am looking forward to our first meeting with Vince Cable who is leading the way.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Underground Project at Deal Stage

"One impression remained. If the Government was capable of building
this, it is capable of anything."

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