Tuesday, 21 June 2011

TOLUC uses 5D BIM for presentation to the Mayor of London

What is 5D BIM?

Well, the simple explanation for 5D BIM (Building Information Modeling) is – a three dimensional software-based representation of the construction project, incorporating the fourth and fifth dimensions of Cost Planning and Schedule Planning with all their intricacies such as quantities and resource linked to the graphical model in their relevant planning/project management charts - with the ability to introduce change and see its effect on multiple work streams.

For those of you interested in the detail, this more complex explanation by Clive Jordan may take a few minutes to watch but we guarantee it is worthwhile: http://bit.ly/5D-BIM-for-Dummies

The Old London Underground Company (TOLUC)’s founder, Ajit Chambers foresees the development of ‘cost effective 5D BIM’ and agrees with Paul Morrell, the government chief construction advisor when he mentions BIM becoming mandatory on all future government projects within 5 years.

"One of the challenges in sourcing investment for large scale engineering and building works is to be able to demonstrate to stakeholders the engineering requirements, work schedules and costs over a time scale and then present these in an accessible and visible way. TOLUC was no exception in needing to source this sort of expertise ready for its presentation to Mayor Boris Johnson, also Chairman of TfL, and has chosen Rapid 5D for this task."

- Ajit Chambers

"Our first step was to model the project site, in this case one of the currently disused stations. Using 2D plans to recreate the station in a 3D and BIM environment, we then used software that enables us to map the cost plan and other variables such as resource and quantities. This provides 5D visibility on the project, supporting the risk management process, making it possible to track cost allocation and time scales, ensuring a fully integrated and totally visible construction management package for TOLUC."

- Stephen Brunning, MD Rapid 5D www.rapid5d.com

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Mayor of London agrees to meet The Old London Underground Company CEO

During the Talk London public meeting, as always well hosted by Nick Ferrari from LBC (on the 2nd of June 2011) Ajit asks The Mayor of London if he would consider holding our previously arranged meeting at the offices of The Old London Underground Company instead of in the Mayors office.

During this meeting the Mayor (also the Chairman of TFL) will be shown the inner workings done over the past two years that have led to this Legacy Project including our current use of 5D BIM which will be mandatory on virtually all government construction projects within 5 years.

We will also make visible our financial model that funds a consortium of companies to create sites beneficial to London 'at cost' in the early stages of the project, before their profit margins appear during the recovery where inclusion of foreign investment will bring significant revenue into the capital.