Saturday, 12 March 2011

The Old London Underground Company

It has captured the imaginations of native Londoners, and those who visit the city, since it first opened almost 150 years ago. Its huge infrastructure of tunnels and underground stations has shored up the capital and sustained it during peacetime and war.

Today it's known as the Tube.

But there are currently 26 disused stations around London, with an initial 12 that lend themselves to the innovative use for music, arts, theatrical and fashion events, proposed by The Old London Underground Company (TOLUC), the brainchild of entrepreneur Ajit Chambers.

"The idea is, there's an adventure just below our feet. It's fantastic down there, and one of London's assets that should be exploited for everyone."

Two years in the planning and consultation, TOLUC has designed a business model that will realise the untapped potential of these resources. TOLUC's business plan show a consortium of companies with agreements that form an achievable delivery plan.

TOLUC will achieve
  • Sound commercial use of a currently unused business opportunity
  • Creation of investment and finance opportunities for London, in keeping with the Mayor's stated aims
  • Capture of London's largest unused asset within a proven robust economic recovery twin sector - Leisure & Tourism
  • A sustainable investment model collaborating with TfL/LU international consultancy strategy
  • Investor inclusion in the proven financial methodology with global recognition across Reuters, Bloomberg and the FT
This is a win-win opportunity for a city currently balancing the effects of a global economic recession while having to accommodate the demands of a Royal Wedding and next year's Olympic Games, while maintaining a system that serves 3.5 million daily journeys.

Without financial risk, the Mayor of London and TfL can utilise this unique asset that will provide much needed income for London, create positive publicity and opportunities for investment and jobs, while helping support the Leisure & Tourism industry (a growth area) during a global recession.

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